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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE


Society Co-created by Resilient Value-chains

Archive contents of this event are now available. Feel free to explore them.

While corporate management environments are set to change significantly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the disruption of supply chains and stagnation of economic activities have created a need to reform current systems. The building of resilient operations, including supply chains, is an urgent issue demanding increased digitalization to connect the gaps between operations and companies. Digital services utilizing Lumada reinforce value chains and contribute to corporate management. We will aim to achieve a better society to improve people's QoL.

Business Sessions / Expert Sessions

Seminars / On-demand Videos

Business Theme

Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry needs to face new challenges without insistence on past approaches and accelerate change, in order to realize new business value for the new normal era. Hitachi will swiftly solve customers' business issues through smart manufacturing utilizing our experience in IT system configuration and digital “Monozukuri” technology that we have cultivated inside and outside of the company, and thus contribute to improving management value.


Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted conventional supply chains, and the need for resilient logistics has become apparent. By utilizing data obtained from supply chains that connect consumers, retailers, logistics centers, plants and procurement, Hitachi will solve business issues by improving logistics centers and shipping/delivery and contribute to the realization of flexible and sustainable supply chains.


In this new normal era, people's behaviors have significantly changed and new complexities in purchasing behavior have emerged. Drastically changing trends, such as contactless services, minimized dwell-times in stores and cashless payment, are now forcing the retail industry to adapt quickly in order to enable consumers to enjoy more convenience and be satisfied with the services they receive. Hitachi will analyze and utilize digital data from value chains and create value by visualizing supply and demand to realize optimized shop sections which do not run out of stock, understand customers' needs, and support sales-improving measures through collaborative creation. In addition, Hitachi will leverage data to increase customers' satisfaction, improve employees' workstyles and help grow brand awareness and the sales in retail.


Today, as COVID-19 spreads, it is necessary to both maintain social distance and continue economic activities. While promoting the reduction of labor and increase of automation using robotics technology, a society also needs to address the changes in demand and operational constraints to respond to this unexpected situation. Hitachi will integrate robotics automation and digital solutions to help customers respond flexibly to changes in the management environment as well as operational constraints.