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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE


Sustainable Society by Decarbonization

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The global energy market is facing a major change: the “decarbonizing of energy”, a state in which energy generation does not emit greenhouse gases. To achieve this goal, digital technological innovation is necessary in both the short and long term. The situation in energy markets has also changed drastically in other aspects, such as a rapidly increasing number of distributed energy sources, the emergence of prosumers, and changes in patterns of energy consumption.
In the Energy category, we will introduce our efforts to realize a decarbonized society and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by utilizing world-class grid solutions and advanced digital technologies, as the partner of choice for enabling stronger, smarter and greener grids & energy solutions.

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Business Theme

Energy Management

For factories and large stores, it is a serious management challenge to reduce both environmental impact and energy cost at the same time. In addition, they also face various challenges such as lack of resources and a need for improved maintenance technology.
In this theme, we will showcase our new solutions, realized through collaborative creation with customers and aimed at solving customers' challenges. Examples are service solutions which help customers' operations by collectively outsourcing non-core operations such as energy management and facility management, as well as digital technology and control/operation technology which solves management challenges such as improved optimization of capital outlay or loss of know-how in operations.

Distributed Power Supply

As digital innovation and structural changes of energy systems proceed, both supply-side and demand-side needs are diversifying in the energy supply chain. This has brought major changes such as new energy systems utilizing distributed energy resources, and adoption is rapidly being expanded. In this theme, we will showcase Hitachi's efforts in distributed energy, such as Lumada-driven digital solutions related to local energy system construction, and resilience measurement technology supporting adoption of renewable and distributed energy, both of which provide new values to customers.

Power Grid

With the increasing importance of sustainable renewable energy which reduces human impact on the environment, a stronger, smarter, and greener grid which provides safety, reliability, and efficiency is necessary. On the other hand, electricity demand has increased due to the proliferation of electric vehicles and expansion of data centers, resulting in a need for new business models through digitalization. In this theme, we will showcase Hitachi's new power grid which contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society through such systems and solutions as Hitachi ABB Power Grids' world-leading power grids and Lumada-driven digital solutions.

Efforts to Nuclear Power Business