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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2019 TOKYO


We have prepared a diverse program including Keynote Speech, Special Speech, and Special Talks among other items, so please don’t miss this opportunity!
We also have seminars and exhibition in a wide range of categories.

Speech / Business Sessions / SDGs Sessions


Speech October 17 (Thu.), 10:45-11:45

Social Innovation to Create Value through Digital Solutions

Keiichi Shiotsuka
Representative Executive Officer
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
Assistant to the President (Systems & Services Business and Defense Systems Business)
Head of Systems & Services Business
General Manager of Systems & Services Business Division
Head of the Social Innovation Business Division
Hitachi, Ltd.

Recently, there has been an acceleration in global activities related to social issues, such as the SDGs implemented by the United Nations and Society 5.0 proposed by the Japanese government. At the same time, new services to improve the individual's QoL and level of happiness are being created with advanced digital technology.
As societies and industries are becoming more digitalized, Hitachi has begun to take on the challenge of solving social issues and deliver new richness to people's lives through our digital solutions and collaboration with our diverse customers and partners all over the world.
In this Speech, we will show our vision for future society through Hitachi's Social Innovation, by introducing use cases to realize our new cutting edge digital services.


Business Sessions 1 October 17 (Thu.), 15:00-16:30

Future Mobility with Railway Innovation

Tomomichi Ota
Executive Director
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
East Japan Railway Company

Shinya Mitsudomi
Vice President and Executive Officer
Managing Director of Japan/Asia Pacific
Railway Systems Business Unit
Hitachi, Ltd.

Shigetoshi Sameshima
General Manager
Center for Technology Innovation
Research & Development Group
Hitachi, Ltd.

As people's values are changing drastically, mobility too has reached a major turning point; such as the advancement of mobile services, driverless and multimodal transportation, and the spread of car sharing.
From the era of railways and automobiles individually pursuing performance and efficiency, we are changing to an era where we respond to the wishes and expectations of each person in the community and choose the most suitable transportation according to the situation of daily life.
We will talk about innovations in the railway field which will play a new role toward our vision of sustainable future mobility.


Business Sessions 2 October 17 (Thu.), 15:30-17:00

Revitalizing Japan with Regional Energy

Kiyoshi Hikino(TBD)
Electricity Infrastructure Division
Electricity and Gas Industry Department
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Masaki Hara

Masahiro Takeda
Shikoku Alliance Capital Company Limited

Kenji Urase
Vice President and Executive Officer
CEO of Energy Business Unit
Hitachi, Ltd.

Hiroko Kiba
Freelance News Anchor,
Visiting Professor at Chiba University

The concept of “regional revitalization” is gaining attention as a means of solving key issues facing Japan, such as rapid population decline and super social aging. There are high hopes for Regional Energy Business as one kind of industry that will enable communities to develop independently by making use of their respective characteristics. We invite experts and specialists from various fields to discuss specific strategies, with a primary focus on the obvious key issues of environmental development and technological innovation; with the aims of creating stable employment in local areas, facilitating localized energy production and consumption by making use of local resources, and achieving regional revitalization and sustainable development of local towns and cities.


Business Sessions 3 October 18 (Fri.), 11:00-12:30

Business and Society Explored by IoT

Masumi Nagai
Executive Officer
General Manager
IoT Business Development Division
Solution Business Sector

Akimichi Umigai
General Manager
Connected Planning Department
e-TOYOTA Division
Connected Company

Katsuya Nagano
Vice President and Executive Officer
CEO of Social Infrastructure Systems Business Unit
Hitachi, Ltd.

Yuriko Sawatani
NUCB Business School Professor

Due to rapidly advancing IoT technology, including AI and robotics etc., development of new services and innovation of business models are accelerating on a global scale.
In this session, we will survey new value created through the global IoT platform which is implemented upon various partnership at long-term standpoint. Furthermore, we will also discuss the prospects of new businesses, various experienced values gained from innovation upon wide collaborative creation, and more.


Business Sessions 4 October 18 (Fri.), 11:15-12:45

Urban Development by Digital Solutions
-Towards Healthy, Safe and Comfortable Living-

Kazuyoshi Nasuhara
Managing Officer

Hiro Katsuse

Dai Tamesue
Deportare Partners/
Former Professional Athlete

Hideki Osumi
General Manager
Smart Digital Solution Business Development Division
Smart Life Business Management Division
Hitachi, Ltd.

Yasuhiro Kawai
General Manager, Technology Media Bureau
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

In order to overcome social issues and increase each person's QoL while facing a serious population decline, we need an urban development that is closely related to human life and by which people can live healthy, work, rest and enjoy themselves. Smart City, Smart Therapy and Smart Mobility can be realized by making full use of rapidly evolving digital technology. Experts who work on advanced challenges in various fields will discuss the new value created by connecting them.


Business Sessions 5 October 18 (Fri.), 13:30-15:00

Industrial Innovation, Leading the Transformation of Life and Society

Keisuke Sasaki
Director, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Waichi Sekiguchi
MM Research Institute Ltd.

Jun Abe
Vice President and Executive Officer
CEO of Industry & Distribution Business Unit
Hitachi, Ltd.

Toshihide Yahiro
Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd.

Today, consumers' values and buying behavior have diversified due to rapid digital innovation. Global, drastic changes have become the normal state in business environment. Facing the ever accelerating changes of society and market, even a successful business model quickly becomes obsolete.
Industries need to try providing "innovative" services responding to consumers' new needs while also bearing the "responsibility" as the infrastructure of society and life.
Experts actively working at the front line of innovation will discuss the challenges that industries need to face.


Business Sessions 6 October 18 (Fri.), 13:45-15:15

Hitachi’s Initiative towards Collaborative Creation
-Electronic Payment Business in India and Cashless Payment in Japan-

Tsugio Yamamoto
Vice President and Executive Officer
CEO of Financial Institutions Business Unit
Hitachi, Ltd.

Toshiya Cho
Senior Evangelist
Financial Information Systems Sales Management Division
Hitachi, Ltd.



SDGs Sessions October 18 (Fri.), 16:40-18:00

Open Innovation Contributing to the Achievement of SDGs

Shizuko Ohmi
Head of ESG Department
Investment Management Division
Amundi Japan Ltd.

Suvendrini Kakuchi
Director of yunus‐yoshimoto Social Action Co., Ltd.

Asako Koike
General Manager
Technology Strategy Office
Research & Development Group
Hitachi, Ltd.

Mayumi Matsumoto
Visiting Associate Professor
Special Division of Environmental and Energy Science
Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX)
The University of Tokyo

In order to create a sustainable global society, efforts for achieving the SDGs have been accelerating. Creating social and environmental value through collaborative creation with multiple stakeholders is essential to overcome global social challenges.
In addition to the conventional industry-government-academia collaboration, what is important here is the connection with the communities and their people, and for that purpose, the key is to share the vision and the issues.
In this session, along with the evolution of R&D, which is the source of innovation, representatives of related sectors such as Social Innovation Business, academia and ESG investment will gather to discuss the prospect of open innovation.