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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE


The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE archive has closed. Thank you for watching.

We will showcase Hitachi's vision for the New Normal business environment through diverse and compelling programming.
See below for program highlights from each category and business theme.

MOBILITY, LIFESociety Where People Can Live in Safety, Health and Comfort

Highlights - Business themes

Smart Mobility

On-demand Videos | OV11-03
Hitachi's Vision for Railways after the COVID-19 Era

In addition to an overview of Hitachi's railway solutions, we will introduce the knowledge gained through our unique PESTLE analysis and online events, for which we gathered a wide range of opinions about the role of railways in the after COVID-19 (new normal) era.

On-demand Videos | OV11-07
Transportation Service for the New Normal under COVID-19

In the COVID-19 era, people need to change their lifestyle, even when using the train. This includes avoiding crowded time slots, or passing through the ticket gate without touching the ticket machine or cash. To support passenger transportation services under the "New Normal", we will introduce integrated solutions that combine the following technologies.
- Congestion forecasts of train stations and trains.
- Simulation of train timetables to achieve an optimal balance of supply and demand
- Contactless ticketing systems

Smart Building

Seminars | SE01-04
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 10:40-11:00 (JST)
Equipment Repair Plan Optimization

Kawai Shougo
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Repair planning management of buildings and factories is still done by experienced managers to manage equipment repair plans. We will introduce services that visualize the operation status of equipment and support repair planning according to operational performance. By optimizing the repair plan using this service, it is possible to reduce the repair cost. In addition, you can make repair plans, thus contributing to the productivity improvement of your organization.

Seminars | SE01-10
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 14:00-14:20 (JST)
Making your Building Management Easier through DX in the New Normal Era

Takeshi Yamamoto
Hitachi Building Systems Co, Ltd.
We live in an uncertain and complex world where we often face unpredictable events such as COVID-19 and torrential rain. Hitachi has a long history of experience in maintenance and operation technology which it utilized to develop the latest technology. In this session, we will introduce digital services for elevators which can support customers' buildings safely, securely, and efficiently.

Smart Life

Seminars | SE01-07
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 11:40-12:00 (JST)
Connected Car Solutions to Support People's Lives

Tatsuaki Osafune
Hitachi, Ltd.
Various social issues surround the movement of people and distribution of goods today, with digital platforms for connected cars being considered a viable solution. Hitachi can offer technologies and solutions such as TEIM (Transportation Experience Information on Maps) to convert data generated from movement into value-added know-how, as well as vehicle security measures to support safer and more secure mobility.

On-demand Videos | OV13-01
"Focus on the Happiness of People"
- Hitachi's Concept of a Digital Smart City

Cities have been making people's lives more safe and convenient, creating liveliness and excitement in those who gather and live there. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has made us rethink how a city should be for the people today. By thinking about the "happiness of people" who gather there, Hitachi aims to grasp the issues of cities and realize a new ideal form. In this on-demand video, we will introduce the concept of a "digital smart city" that continues to improve itself and the lives of those who gather there through people-centric digital technology, flexibly updating its values in response to a changing world.

ENERGYSustainable Society by Decarbonization

Highlights - Business themes

Energy Management

Seminars | SE03-15
Day3 Nov. 6 (FRI.) 16:00-16:20 (JST)
Energy & Facility Management as a Service

Masataka Fukumizu
Natural disaster resilience, BCP, decarbonization and heightened awareness of environmental management have been raised as keywords surrounding energy. In addition, companies face challenges such as equipment management difficulties due to labor shortages and aging engineers, or aging equipment that is not being updated. To optimize energy use and facility management, we offer energy & facility management services utilizing our expertise in data, digital technologies, finance and operations to provide economic, environmental and social value to customers.

On-demand Videos | OV23-02
Asset Performance Management

Ascertaining the right capital investment, improving the running efficiency of equipment and the loss of equipment operating expertise due to the decline in skilled engineers are all major challenges faced by business operators dealing with social infrastructure facilities and production equipment across various industries. Our "Asset Performance Management" helps solve these issues. We employ an extensive array of maintenance expertise and digital technologies as part of the Operational Technology we have cultivated to date to provide total support for the management and operation of equipment assets. Through the stable operation and improved running efficiency of customer equipment, we help boost customer profits and enhance quality.

Distributed Power Supply

Seminars | SE02-14
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 16:00-16:20 (JST)
Wind Power Solutions

Takashi Yoshikawa
Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
Our wind business adopts the ENERCON wind turbine generator of a manufacturer in Germany, which is a "developed country" in terms of wind energy technology. Based on wind condition measurements, we support the optimal placement of wind turbines, commercialization plans, environmental assessments, construction plans, and maintenance service after the start of the operation. In this session, we will introduce the description of these business contents and a large model that was added as a new lineup. The new model is a model designed to optimize, from transportation to installation, the Japanese market in terms of strength, efficiency and production, and we think we can propose solutions that satisfy our customers.

On-demand Videos | OV22-01
Solar Power Solutions

We contribute to the stable operation of solar power generation facilities through project planning, EPC and O&M. Some facilities owned by FIT power generation companies have operated for more than seven years now, giving rise to concerns that power generation capacities may soon decline. In addition, there is a possibility that increased demand for electricity in rural areas will expand local applications of solar power. In this on-demand video, we will introduce our total support, the application of predictive failure diagnostics/remaining product lifespan estimation technology and the future prospects for operation of solar power stations.

Power Grid

Seminars | SE01-22
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 17:30-17:50 (JST)
Digitalizing the Power Grid

Bryan Friehauf
Hitachi ABB Power Grids Ltd.
Phil Gruber
Hitachi Vantara Corporation
Globally, electric grid operators face both business challenges and new macro disruptions. They are charged with providing safe, reliable power; meeting always-on customer expectations; and decarbonizing their operations for a sustainable future. Digitalization is the key to achieving these goals. In this session, we will explore the digital building blocks for optimizing the modern grid -- APM, EAM, and WFM -- and the evolution of Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ industry-leading software combined with Hitachi's Lumada offerings. In addition, we will cover key customer outcomes and showcase our combined technology roadmap.

Seminars | SE02-16
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 17:00-17:20 (JST)
A Transforming Grid - Connecting Islands with HVDC

Per Miram
Hitachi ABB HVDC Technologies, Ltd.
We will explore the challenges Japan may encounter on its journey of transforming the grid through new interconnections and integration of large-scale renewables, with reference to the Higashi Shimizu project in Japan and examples from the UK and other parts of the world embarking on the same journey towards ensuring sustainable power for the next generation.

INDUSTRYSociety Co-created by Resilient Value-chains

Highlights - Business themes

Smart Manufacturing

Seminars | SE02-10
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 14:20-14:40 (JST)
A Maturity Model for Improved Productivity

Shuji Soga
Hitachi, Ltd.
Digital innovations such as IoT and AI effect the manufacturing industry. For example, the total optimization of management-factory interactions is one of the keys to achieving the goal of next-generation factories. What we need now is a "compass" indicating the current state of your company and the appropriate solution for the next step. In this session, we will introduce measures and solutions to solve such issues based on actual case studies of improved productivity.

On-demand Videos | OV31-01
Hitachi Smart Manufacturing that Connects Workplace and Management for Consecutive "Monozukuri" Innovation

We are now in the new normal era, and the manufacturing industry must free itself from outdated stereotypes, pursue new challenges and quickly generate business value from them. We introduce the new ideal of smart manufacturing, an approach that quickly transforms customers' business issues into business value, based on Hitachi's experience in IT system implementation and the utilization of digital technology in "Monozukuri" which has been cultivated through Lumada.


Seminars | SE02-08
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 13:50-14:10 (JST)
Data-Driven Safe Delivery and Optimization

Akihisa Goto
Hitachi, Ltd.
Yuichi Nakamura
Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd
Dependency on experts, frequent / small-lot / quick delivery dispatches, as well as labor shortages have been traditional issues for vehicle dispatch and delivery services. Now, COVID-19 has brought new challenges, such as having to deal not only with original carriers, but also new ones, due to extreme increases or decreases in distribution quantities. In this session, we will introduce solutions such as our initiatives on collection and analysis of vehicle data, telematics for planning, optimization of delivery and sharing for transportation and delivery in the new normal era.

On-demand Videos | OV32-01
The Future with Hitachi's New-Gen Logistics

Due to COVID-19, supply chains are now divided and resilient logistics are required. Hitachi is aiming to build the flexible and sustainable supply chains and smart logistics required for the new normal era through digital data from the supply chain that connects consumers, vehicles, retailers, distribution centers, factories and procurement.


Seminars | SE01-13
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 15:00-15:20 (JST)
Hitachi Digital Solution for Retail Using Digital Technology to Solve Retail Business Challenges

Yoshimasa Otogawa
Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi provides services promoting the utilization of data and solving the issues of retail business, while preparing a mechanism to work with various data. Through access to a variety of data, it is possible to discover new trends between data and new perspectives on measures. Hitachi also works on Collaborative Creation utilizing digital solutions for business purposes. Based on our customers' business strategies, we use Hitachi Digital Solution for Retail to examine and build solutions with them. This service will contribute to the creation of new business value by analyzing various digital datasets generated from the value chain and providing measures to solve problems. In this session, we will introduce the details of this specific solution.

On-demand Videos | OV33-01
Continued Retail Growth through Digital Analysis of Consumers and Demand in the New Normal Era

In the new normal era, lifestyles have changed drastically, and demand is changing every day. Trends is changing greatly, such as customers choosing stores which offer non-contact, quick-service and cashless payment options. Hitachi will accurately capture changes and, through Collaborative Creation and digital innovation with retail companies, solve business challenges, produce environmental, social and economic value, and optimize value chains.


Seminars | SE02-01
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 10:30-10:50 (JST)
Robotic Automation for "New Normal" Shop Work

Yoshiteru Katsumura
Hitachi, Ltd.
Under the COVID-19 era, managers face new issues such as business continuing while complying restrictions on movement or a need to avoid the "Three Cs". Hitachi will contribute to society by promoting shop work automation and remote operation through Total Seamless Solutions based on robotic automation.

On-demand Videos | OV34-01
Robotic Automation for "New Normal" Shop Work

Under the COVID-19 era, managers face new issues such as business continuing while complying restrictions on movement or a need to avoid the "Three Cs". Hitachi will contribute to society by promoting shop work automation and remote operation through Total Seamless Solutions based on robotic automation.

DIGITAL INNOVATIONSociety Co-created with Digital Technology

Expert Sessions

Expert Session8 | ES03-08
Day3 Nov. 6 (FRI.) 9:30-9:50 (JST)
Remote Work under COVID-19

Yuri Tazawa
Kenji Aiba
Hitachi, Ltd.

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Highlights - Business themes


Seminars | SE01-02
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 10:10-10:30 (JST)
Not Just IoT! New Developments with Lumada by Utilizing Digital Twins

Teruo Nakamura
Hitachi, Ltd.
To survive in the the new normal era, companies are required to have the agility to respond to changes quickly. For this, they need to reform their own existing operations. In other words, they need to change traditional ways of doing things to become digital-native companies. Required for this are "digital twins", a term which has become an important key phrase in recent years. In this session, we will present Hitachi's efforts, using Lumada, to resolve issues and generate new value by using digital twins.

Seminars | SE01-15
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 15:00-15:20 (JST)
Swift Reponse to Changes in Business: A New DX Method by Lumada

Junichiro Takagi
Hitachi, Ltd.
In the face of the new normal where previous assumptions about business no longer hold, companies want to implement business reforms quickly and flexibly. To this end, it is important to make full use of digital technologies such as AI and IoT and to share technologies, know-how, and ideas among companies. In this seminar, we will be discussing Hitachi’s new method and use cases for Collaborative Creation by Lumada, to work with customers to resolve the aforementioned issues and turn ideas into reality.


Seminars | SE01-03
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 10:10-10:30 (JST)
Olympus Corporation's Approach to Ensuring Product Security

Masahito Kitamura
Olympus Corporation
Hiroyuki Higaki
Hitachi, Ltd.
Cyber attacks on IoT products are on the rise, targeting IoT product vulnerabilities and resulting in security incidents. In this new reality, product security must be prioritized and considered along the entire supply chain. In this seminar, Olympus Corporation, who are required to consider global laws and regulations about product security, will talk about their issues with setting up and operating PSIRT, as well as how they managed to solve them alongside Hitachi.

On-demand Videos | OV42-01
Biometric Technology that Accelerates Digital Transformation

The key to a new lifestyle is the use of biometrics, which enable safe and convenient personal authentication. In this on-demand video, we will introduce new-normal life use cases realized by solutions utilizing PBI (Public Biometric Infrastructure), which combines the technologies of "biometrics" and "electronic signature".

Digital Finance

Seminars | SE01-18
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 16:00-16:20 (JST)
The New Normal in Financial Services Beyond the AI Hype

Norimasa Nakata
Hitachi, Ltd.
Business reforms at financial institutions have sped up considerably to grapple with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and the role of AI has advanced from being a curiosity at popular demonstrations to a stage of practical implementation. Under this new normal, AI supports people instead of replacing them, allowing people to focus on the work that only they can perform. In this session, we will showcase this new approach while incorporating examples of actual application at customers' financial institutions.

Seminars | SE02-03
Day2 Nov. 5 (THU.) 10:30-10:50 (JST)
CMOS Annealing that Solves Social Issues

Jun Ogawa
Hitachi, Ltd.
With the progress of the IoT society, large volumes of data are now being collected, but extracting the best answers from that data is a Herculean task. To solve this, Hitachi has developed a CMOS annealing, a new computer that specializes in solving large-scale optimization problems. In this session, we will introduce the use cases currently being worked out, and describe the future applications and prospects of the technology, including PoC examples (optimizing personnel allocation, portfolio optimization).

New Workstyle

Seminars | SE01-06
Day1 Nov. 4 (WED.) 10:40-11:00 (JST)
Workstyle Reform for the New Normal and After

Tatsurou Arai
Hitachi, Ltd.
In the COVID-19 global health crisis, we have faced unexpected issues related to working from home. However, in treating this change as a positive challenge, we have been tackling those difficulties, and rebuilding a "people-first workstyle". In addition to working from home, we will be able to choose where we work more flexibly in the new normal. In this session, we will present Hitachi's take on what and how to prepare in the new normal to realize a happy work environment with a bright future.