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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE

How to join the event

Archive contents of this event are now available. Feel free to explore them.

This page describes how to prepare for joining Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE.



Please register in advance to join the event.

* Everyone can join this event for free. Please register in advance to participate.

Registration is also available during the event period, from November 4 (Wed.) to November 6 (Fri.), 2020.

System requirements

Check your viewing environment.

The recommended system requirements for viewing programs in this event are shown below (as of the end of October 2020).

System requirements


  • Windows 8.1, 10
  • Mac OS 10.14, 10.15
OS (smartphone)
  • Android 11
  • iOS 14
Web browser
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge 86
  • Google Chrome 86
  • Safari 14
  • Mozilla Firefox 81

With the link below, you can check the operation of your viewing environment. Test it in advance.

Points to check
  • Does the screen play the video?
  • Does the screen show the comment pane?
  • Does the screen show the help button?

How to join during the event period

How to join

After logging in, you can freely view diverse programs.

  1. Log in
    Log in from this website and enter an online event.
    You can login at 9:00 (JST), November 4 (Wed.), 2020. The events are planned to start at 9:30 (JST)
  2. View programs
    Freely view the programs introduced on this website during the event period.

How to enjoy events

How to find programs

Find your desired programs.

Freely view over 140 diverse programs.
The website offers search menus from various viewpoints and program-specific pages during the event period, and helps you find programs that suit your needs and interests.

Look for specific solutions
Search from certain social issues of interest
The website offers several pages to narrow down programs by your interests and challenges. The forum also offers recommended programs for participants.
What can you watch now?
Find programs from the timetable. The website streams on-demand videos at all times.

How to watch

For some programs, you can use tools such as voting and writing comments to enjoy two-way communication.

Viewed on a computer

  1. ① Presentation video
  2. ② Voting*
    Provide real-time valuable opinions and thoughts to inquiries from the speaker.
  3. ③ Comment*
    Comments from participants are shown.
  4. ④ Survey
    Answer the survey after you watch the program and receive points (Introduction of Point Campaign).
  5. ⑤ Inquiry
    Contact us here for business inquiries.
  6. ⑥ Material downloads*
    Download related materials.
  7. ⑦ Click here for tech support
  • * Items shown differ by program.

After session (following the seminars)*

An “After session” is offered for approximately 30 minutes following the seminars, allowing you to chat
privately with the exhibitor in text form. Take this opportunity to ask questions casually.

  • * Note that this type of session is only offered after seminars.
  • * A "Contact" button will be available for all programs until 18:30 (JST), 6th November, 2020.
  • * Your conversation will not be revealed to other participants.

Gift campaign

The forum offers a gift campaign for your enjoyment.

Point Campaign

Earn points by registering to participate, logging in during the event period, and answering program surveys in the “Point Campaign” program. A digital coupon is given to 1,000 participants via a lottery, among those who have earned 100 points or more during the event period

  • Term: September 23 (Wed.) to December 6 (Sun.), 2020