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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017 TOKYO

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017 TOKYO has ended.

The event enjoyed a strong turnout. Thank you very much.

Please read the report on the forum.

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Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech
November 1 (Wed) 9:30-10:30

Photo: Toshiaki Higashihara

Social Innovation Leads the Change in Today's World
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese↔English)

Toshiaki Higashihara
President & CEO
Hitachi, Ltd.

The world has entered a phase of major change, such as increasing uncertainty, digital revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc.
Digital technology connects all things through data, and the fusion of cyber space and physical space has been accelerating rapidly. Against this backdrop, Hitachi is evolving its Social Innovation through collaborative creations with customers and partners. Mr. Higashihara will present how Hitachi advances these changes in the world through its evolving Social Innovation Business, showing specific activities and explaining Hitachi's vision.

Watch the video on Hitachi's official YouTube channel.

Special Speech

Special Speech
November 2 (Thu) 9:30-10:30

Photo: Jared Diamond

Bridging the Tradition with the Future
-Suggestions for the Modern Societies-
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese↔English) Session in English

Jared Diamond
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Scientist,
Author of "Guns, Germs, and Steel"

Fundamental agenda and suggestion learnt from the histories of humanity and civilization

“We should obsess more about really serious hazards of everyday life such as slipping and falling in the shower, in wet sidewalk, on stepladders or while going down the stairs than terrorists or plane crashes.” This is the suggestion toward the modern societies from Dr. Diamond, who has spent a long precious time with the traditional tribal societies for over 50 years for his research. Based on his multi-pronged studies on child rearing, elder care, physical fitness, dispute resolution, risk and the like, Dr. Diamond will discuss fundamental issues and suggestion for steadily sustaining the modern societies.


Speech 1
November 1 (Wed) 13:30-14:30

Photo: Noriko Arai

Social Change in the Age of AI Getting into Universities
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese↔English)

Noriko Arai
Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Director, Research Center for Community Knowledge,
National Institute of Informatics

Envisaging a future society where humans and AI coexist

The Research Center for Community Knowledge has undertaken the AI (or Artificial Intelligence ) project “Can a robot get into the Tokyo University?” since 2011. The AI of this project took the National Center's mock university entrance exam in 2015. As a result, the AI has achieved the top 20% grades and it was judged that the AI could pass more than half of universities in Japan with 80% or more possibility. In her lecture, Dr. Arai will present the latest reports and suggestions on the prospects of how the near future society will transform itself and the institutional design necessary for enabling humans to coexist with AI/ robots, based on the research results produced so far.

Speech 2
November 2 (Thu) 13:00-14:00

Photo: Sian Beilock

Introduction to Cognitive Science for Creating Innovation
-Innovation and Stress-
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese↔English) Session in English

Sian Beilock
President, Barnard College, USA
Author of "How the Body Knows Its Mind"

Changing stress into innovation

“Why are golfers missing short putts they would usually make with ease?” Dr. Sian Beilock, one of the experts in the forefront of brain science, has scientifically revealed deep connection between the mind and the body as well as relationship between intelligence and performance under pressure. During her presentation, Dr. Beilock will highlight how we can work to get beyond our self-imposed limits to acquire the best outcome. She will also provide practical advice about the ways to overcome pressure to be successful.

Speech 3
November 2 (Thu) 16:30-17:30

Photo: Akie Iriyama

Management Theories for Japanese Firms' Innovation
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese↔English)

Akie Iriyama
Associate Professor,
Waseda Business School
(Graduate School of Business and Finance)

The leader of the management academic circles sharply cuts into innovation strategies of Japanese companies

“It has been a long time since we were told that Japanese companies were still short of innovation. On the other hand, despite the fact that business academics around the world are conducting research on innovation and organizations in a scientific way, their findings have not yet reached Japan enough.” In his lecture, Dr. Iriyama will explain in detail suggestions for Japanese companies to create innovations that can compete in the global society, based on the knowledge of global standard management science.