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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017 TOKYO

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017 TOKYO has ended.

The event enjoyed a strong turnout. Thank you very much.

Please read the report on the forum.

Aiming to become "An Innovation Partner for the IoT Era", Hitachi Group will accelerate collaborative creation with customers and partners through advanced Social Innovation Business, with a focus on the trend toward digitalization that is significantly changing society and industry.
At the exhibit, Hitachi will showcase a wide range of Social Innovation Business that will continue to evolve through collaboration with customers and partners, and also touch on our future prospects.


  • Power generation solutions supporting distributed energy
  • Digital energy solutions that create new services and customer values
  • Energy solutions supporting realization of a low carbon society
  • Robotics to contribute to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station decommissioning efforts
  • Business innovation through upgrading of financial operations
  • Smart manufacturing that facilitates innovations in management
  • Smart solutions to connect manufacturing sites with IoT
  • New value chain innovation that spread from retail
  • Logistics services that create revolutionary change in the value chain
  • The creation of new value propositions made possible by connected services
  • Mobility that enables comfortable movement in urban communities
  • Public and social infrastructures that realize safe, secure, and comfortable communities
  • Smart life businesses that improve the quality-of-life in urban communities
  • Transforming our society through blockchain technology
  • Digital innovation through FinTech
  • Hitachi's digital transformation solutions to support management efficiency in financial institutions
  • Wide-area integrated community care solutions revolutionized by data coordination
  • Hospital/medical innovations evolved through digital solutions
Connected by Lumada
"Lumada" is a data-centric IoT platform that rapidly creates value by connecting a diverse range of people, things, and services through collaborative creation with customers using digital technology. We will introduce the latest initiatives aimed at solving management issues, including value chain optimization that goes across industries.
In order to protect customers' business and solve management issues, Hitachi offers "Evolving Security"— a combination of 'IT'+'OT'+'Security technology & know-how'. Our comprehensive security solution will cover multi-level phase from risk assessment to product and service introduction; monitoring and detection; analysis and countermeasures; and human resource development.
Hitachi's own workstyle innovation solutions, based on decades of effort and experience, not only enable customers to visualize their daily operations, but also propose various workstyle options beyond that stage. Customers will discover an advanced way of working which is ahead-of-the-curve of the ever accelerating digital society.