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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 TOKYO


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Hall E on floor B2 of the Tokyo International Forum is segmented into eight zones with around 200 exhibits, including interactive and three-dimensional displays, that provide a broad picture of how Hitachi engages in co-creation with customers and partners, as well as the results of Hitachi's continuously evolving Social Innovation Business and an outlook of the future. The zones are: ENERGY, INDUSTRY, URBAN, FINANCE, HEALTHCARE · LIFE SCIENCE, Digital Transformation, Lumada, SECURITY, and WORKSTYLE INNOVATION.

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A large display on the main stage showcased a continuously evolving Social Innovation Business and our future outlook.

Main Stage

The main stage inside the exhibition hall followed the content of the keynote speech, presenting examples and initiatives in each field to create a society that both finds solutions to society's issues and improves quality of life, as well as future-oriented partnerships between industry, government and academia. Many people stopped by to take a look.

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A georama introduces an energy solution concept enabling voice guidance in Japanese, Chinese and English.


This zone had four topics: Wind Power Generation Solutions, Distributed Power Supply Solutions, Grid Solutions and Energy Service Solutions. The exhibit included a model of a Gas co-generation system and panels with a demo screen for HiPAMPS-PRO, the Prognostic and Predictive Analytics Service Solution.

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People crowded in front of the panel exhibit presenting models and videos of such subjects as the Smart Manufacturing initiative at the Omika Works.


The four topics included smart manufacturing and smart logistics. Amorphous Motor Integrated Oil-Free Scroll Compressor and the uninterruptible power system "UNIPARA-mini" were among the product exhibits. The zone also presented initiatives in a wide range of fields, including multiple examples of co-creation with customers and partners.

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At the Smart Building corner, there was a demo of the EMIEW3 communication robot handling reception and customer service.


Along with an introduction to wide-ranging action in the four fields of social infrastructure, smart mobility, smart building and the smart life business, this zone suggested ways to use solutions that contribute to the future of urban development. Many people talked with the communication robot and otherwise interacted with the zone. This indicated great interest in new technology.

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Many people stopped by and listend to explanations about a digital dialog service, a voice transcription support service and more.


Two of the three topics introduced here were the Risk Simulator for Insurance that predicts risk of hospital admission related to eight major lifestyle diseases and the Pega Platform for developing *BPM/*RPA systems. The Finance stage presented a biometric authentication platform enabling a one-stop authentication solution, AI-powered stock trade review and control, and more.

BPM: Business Process Management
RPA: Robotic Process Automation

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Many visitors stopped by and paid attention to the exhibit introducing a precision oncology solution, a digital solution for surgery assistance and more.


This zone used models and video to present topics like the PROBEAT proton beam therapy system and a digital solution for surgery assistance. Many people stopped and had their attention caught in front of the stage presenting a machine for automatically cultivating large amounts of iPS cells, a support service for outsourcing production and development of regenerative medicine products, and more.

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Demonstration to experience the NEXPERIENCE Co-Creation Methodology using tablet device attracted many visitors.

Digital Transformation, Lumada Zone

The zone had an exhibit for a group of products sustaining digital transformation and presented the JP1 IT Solution to cut the unseen costs of IoT. It also introduced an initiative to standardize the blockchain platform that is expected to come into use in a wide range of fields.

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This zone presented counter-terrorism technology provided by Hitachi, including a luggage inspection machine that uses software to help assess x-ray scans.


This zone introduced Hitachi's unique security solutions. Machines for detecting unauthorized connections and intrusions were on display, while panels posted screens of USB connection manager software. There was also the integrated SOC securing *OT, *IT and *IoT as well as the central management and monitoring of these systems. Alternating topics presented at the Security stage included streamlining security monitoring tasks with AI.

OT: Operational Technology
IT: Information Technology
IoT: Internet of Things

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Many people came to a table in the back surrounded by round chairs to try out things like a robotic solution to check travel expense accounting.


There were four topics here: innovation, work, life and healthcare. The zone introduced examples of co-creation, including the city of Yabu, Hyogo Prefecture, which is taking action to change how its citizens work with a private vehicle transportation project. Many visitors tried out the voice and heart analysis service and a breathalyzer.